Agile mum is about sharing full time working mum lifestyle juggling heavy workloads, family and personal time.  I had thought for a long time what to blog for my first post and here goes…

A bit about myself…

To begin, I am Samantha T, a corporate mum and a mother of two.  I was an IT consultant in the beginning of my career and then move onto project management, now a corporate figure in my company.

Why blogging….

The interest of blogging started when my subordinates asked me how I juggle between my busy corporate life and my family.  I often share what I do after work..they already know what I do at work giving them a different aspect that a woman will have her own career as well, how I manage life after work.


Like the picture above, our motherhood is very interesting, each wave will bring you different surprises either at home or at work.  The first wave may bring you rubbish however the second waves will bring you sea shells or even fishes…whoa….surprise surprise.


Well this is really interesting, I thought about it the blog may contain corporate mum sharing, what is life after work, my journey to motherhood or maybe my interests and my work before I became an agile mum

Agile mum….

I had thought about many titles for my blog including Iron Mum, Juggling Mama etc.  You may be laughing why Iron Mum, when I was young I adore Margaret Thatcher, The Iron Lady who is the British Prime Minister.  She’s a tough cookie yeah…a wife, a mother and most amazing is running a country.  Therefore I came up with Agile Mum from this inspiration and decided to give it a go.

Agility is what most mummies practice nowadays managing between work, household and family.  Hope my sharing in my upcoming blogs will give you some interesting and yet fun interesting articles.

Thank you…

Look forward towards some interesting articles moving forward and your support to make this blog more creative and interesting.  Hope you do not mind me changing themes or topics from time to time…I am still a woman…fickle minded.