Multi-Racial Celebrations

Today April 14th, 2017 is a very special day where Malaysia celebrates Good Friday (for the Christians) and Vaisakhi (for the Punjabis).  I am married to a Punjabi and I am glad that I celebrate not only Chinese New Year but also Punjabi New Year, Vaisakhi.

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Being in a mixed marriage is also having a mixed feeling where 6 years ago, what would it be?  Will they accept me as a Chinese as I always have the impression that Punjabi’s always marries Punjabi.  First year was acceptance by his family and thankfully everyone accepts me in the family of course culturally wise it was a learning curve for me.  I like to dress down in short pants and t-shirt but his family practices dressing smartly and decently unlike short pants…gosh…a little adjustment…but they accepted because I am a Chinese and had been abroad a long time (wink, wink)

So as you can see, I am not the rebellious individual in the family who I highly regard as well discipline and honor their culture.  Slowly I began to fit in more and learned a little bit of Punjabi language.  I received a lot of encouragement from my in laws and they said my pronunciation was clear and I speak like one of them (phew).  My Punjabi family is always warm and not to mention giving me a lot of excitement when it comes to cultural differences.

Today a very special day for me to celebrate both Good Friday and Vaisakhi and I do wish every a great day ahead and look forward towards Easter this Sunday, woo hoo…

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