MLM, is it for you?

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A big word but what does it mean?  Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is this for everyone?

In Malaysia, MLM is often associated with pyramid scheme where I did try an MLM myself 11 years ago and restarted last year.  Was it a pyramid scheme…no.  I learned that MLM are different to pyramid scheme.  What are the differences?  Most pyramid scheme do not have a product but its all monetary earnings through recruitment.  The more you recruit with registration fee the more the upper line earns.  However for MLM, some requires registrations and some are free.  In MLM, you are required to sell products or services (travel for an example), you earn you active income through products selling and passive through sales of your downlines something similar to commissions.

So is MLM suitable for everyone?

Whenever someone approached me on MLM, my first thoughts argh….face to face meetings then recruitment and then registration fee (if applicable).  However, last year MLM gave me a different perspective where mostly can be done via social media, it depends on the MLM company policy, with minimum face to face engagement.  I personally felt that its really great for Stay At Home Mum (SAHM) or a full time employee who is looking for extra income or to start a business with minimum investment.  The positive side that I experienced that MLM is flexible, easier to reach more people via social media and the earning are rewarding with the time and effort that you put in.

I did excel in my first year as a full time working mum, but when my children is ill, I am on vacation or if I am too busy at work with my uplines are unable to assist, the downlines loses confidence and some even left.  Of course, its also my luck if the downline is self-motivated, hungry for success and independent plus my own determination to succeed, it will never be an empty reward.

I had seen many peers who are SAHM who are succeeding in MLM business.  The success rate compared to full time working individuals and mummies are great.  Reason?  I am not sure and I often asked myself, is it that SAHM has more time and therefore can put more effort into the business but SAHM also has a full time job at home to take care of the children, cook, laundry, house cleaning and many more.  Or are these mummies more determined as they would like to be less dependent on their spouses.  A lot of reasons but fundamentally its DETERMINATION.

So is this business type suitable for all individuals especially mummies, it depends if you are hungry for your dreams and also if you could allocate time to determine your success.  There is never short cut towards any dreams.

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