Bucket List

I am an adventurous person even before I became a mum, I kinda forgotten what was my bucket list until recently my hubby shared his.  I had a few in mind when I started work.

Young bucket list…

I started work at 19 and often dream about travelling for work and leisure.  I also dream of travelling to the United States, to be in IT industry, dive and even visit Japan.  At that time, I was working as an accounts clerk and I was lucky that I changed my job and moved towards an IT industry company.  In the IT industry, I get to travel for work, cool isn’t it.  First was to Singapore then woo hoo….United States.

It was my second overseas trip and all the way from Malaysia to United States.  I transit in Taiwan after a massive earthquake in 1999.  As young traveler, my family were worried if there will be aftershocks in Taiwan.  Thankfully I arrived St Louis safely and it was winter.  It was also my first time experiencing snow and cold weather.

2 of my young bucket list was fulfilled, yay!  Of course as I grew older the bucket list adds on.

Added bucket list…

As time goes by the bucket list added am sure anyone would do, I’ve added diving into my bucket list as diving underwater gives me peace and calamity.  Yes I did it! Again one of the bucket list completed.  Took some amateur underwater pictures and well I improved along the way including my bouyancy.


I traveled many places including Paris, Den Haag, Brussels, London, Leeds, Manchester, Liechtenstein (hope you heard about this place) and many many more to list for work.  My work travelling got greedier and this time I would like to work in Japan to see the famous Sakura.  Yes! I got the chance, yipee!


Took so many cheery blossoms photo and it was breath taking.  Speechless as it was truly truly awesome experience on Japanese culture.

More bucket list…

As you know, my age was catching up and my largest bucket list was to get married and have a babies.  Hahaha…I know it sounds easy as I type.  I am not sure if my marriage was fated, I met my childhood sweetheart and whola…my babies


Everyday I am filled with joy and laughter with the 2 of them and planning where to take them for some adventures that they would enjoy.  Hopefully, I can dive with them one day when they grow up!

So what’s next….

Bucket list is added and combined with my husband.  We all love travelling and we look forward towards more adventures with our little ones.  Look out for more ventures in my blog.

Signing off and stay tuned.

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