Home Cooking

As a full time working mum, weekends are always special, which I always look forward to.   I love to cook during the weekends if I am not visiting any of my relatives.  So one of the weekends, I decided to cook Sarawak Laksa.

Sarawak laksa is one of my favorites.  I was introduced to this delicacy when I was attending my god-brother’s wedding in Kuching, Sawarak, Malaysia.  Kuching is located in Borneo Island, which is the capital of the Sarawak state.   For you information, Malaysia, we have different laksa from different states.  My ex-colleague introduced me to Johor lasksa which is made from spaghetti, I know your eyes are boggling, yes…its spaghetti noddles.

So what is so special about this delicacy compared to the rest.  In my personal opinion, its not to spicy (you may adjust this level), not too milky as I have the option to put in coconut milk, and not too sour.

The ingredients are simple, diced onion and garlic, sarawak laksa paste (a brand that I like, bought by my colleague), long beans, chicken breasts and some steamboat side ingredient as shown in the picture above.

I usually like to fry my paste with onion and garlic before putting into my chicken broth boiling soup.  This will provide more fragrance and taste towards the ingredients that was used.  You may have the option to fry or boil the long beans, my cooking style is to fry before I boil, try it you can taste the difference.

Allow the entire soup to boil.  How do you serve it?  Well some like thick noodles and I particularly put this together with rice noodles as the rice noodles is able to absorb the taste of the laksa and you are able to feel it when you chew it in your mouth.  Its absolutely tasty.  However, rice noodle may not be suitable for other delicacies.  So it has to be chosen wisely if you visit Malaysia for the local food, of course, it also comes with individual preference.

There are more local delicacies from Malaysia which are also tasty and of course non-spicy.  I will collect more to be posted into my next posts.

More food to be introduced in the next up coming post.  Have a great weekend ahead!

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