Visiting Orphans

I am often lucky in my entire life even though multiple challenges, I felt that its always a test if I can take the challenge and move on.  Lucky in terms that I had both my parents, with this notorious girl when I was young, having them so patiently by my side when I fall and when I rise.  Praises were not to me but I heard them through others when we meet up.  Then I felt really lucky to have my parents with me all the time.

The firm that I worked oraganizes annual CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) events.  I lead 2 annual events and this year, 2017, particularly gave me an impact.  Nanthisar Home located in Seremban, Malaysia is special where not many people blog or knew this place.  Thankfully my colleague found this through heaps of Googling.

DSC_79 Ms Latha, the founder of Nanthisar home, she was also brought up in the orphans home with her brother; decided to give back to the society by setting up a home for the children herself.  Her initiative was supported by her brother, whom also grew up with her in the orphanage home.

Nanthisar Home houses 38 children of which 2 are handicapped while Ms Latha also houses the rented property for single mothers and the aged.  The government regulation only allows a number of residents but due to her kind-heartedness she housed them.  How does the home get funds to support?

In the initial stage, Ms Latha, requested donation from the neighborhood around the home.  She and the single mothers sewed flower garlands, through word of mouth and sell it to support the home.  Then they also provide food catering through word of mouth, I must say during the CSR event, the food that she cooks is really really yummy and very very delicious.  The aroma of her food during our event made us so hungry.

Usually orphanage homes do not allow us to carry nor hug the children, this home is however different and allow us to give love to the children.

These children are so well-behaved, they had their Indian prayers before having their meals, in a way of giving thanks.  They asked permission from us to look at our belongings such as watches, mobile phones and even if they can be excused after the meal.  What lovely little angels isn’t it?  This in return reminds me how lucky I was to have my parents’ love and having them by my side going through thick and thin of my life, even after being a mom myself.

If you are in Malaysia or from Malaysia, do drop by this home to visit the lovely children.  If you would like to give a helping hand, these children are in need of basic necessities, this is the only home that does not ask for a car nor greedy donations.  All they asked was an electric kettle, rice, noodles, Milo, biscuits, oats for the kids and other food.  I had one home asking me for Australian Dahl (gosh…branded and demanding) and RM4,000 in cash to have them sponsored for an event when the home had full house of air-conditioned room, which Nanthisar does not even have ceiling fans!

Thank you and look forward to more goodies for the under privileged children.  Most importantly, we need to educate these children even though they do not have a birth certificate.

Till then…have a great weekend ahead!


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