Mother’s Day Weekend

It was a great mother’s day weekend and am sure you had one too.  I started my pre-Mother’s day celebration when my son brought some 2 bags full of tiger prawns.  Freshly fished using a rented fishing rod from a pond with his dad.  Wow…isn’t it?  He went prawn fishing with my husband and the next morning, I checked my freezer.  Wow…huge tiger prawns.

So what did I do with them?  I was thinking of grilling, baking or even pan fry them.  So undecided and I marinated them first.

Simple ingredients: lemon, garlic, onions and rice wine with salt and sugar.  I particularly love this rice wine brand, inherited from my grandmother to use them to marinate and cook prawns.  I did try it on chicken, it blends differently, maybe I do not know the secret yet, so I need to remember the secret and start experimenting again, lol.

On Mother’s Day dinner, I decided to try to this way of cooking that includes lemon.  A strange way I must say on the combination…lol.

I didn’t include the lemon juice to marinate the prawns.  I only pour the lemon juice just 10 minutes before frying them in the wok.  Additionally, I only added salt when I stir fry the prawns.  As you can see from the picture, I just extracted the prawns from the marinating sauces, I only add the marinating sauces after the prawns turned orange or you are able to smell the prawns (not burned but nice smell).  Do add some sugar to taste slowly so that you adjust the sourness from the lemon juice.

Do you know why? Salt and lemon will soften the prawn texture especially for fresh prawns it will waste it, therefore it is recommended to do it just before you cook or while cooking whichever give you a tasty dish at the end 😉


Drumrolls…my end project shown above as a result from my son and hubby’s prawn fishing activity.  Please do leave some gravy so that after removing the shells, you may be able to dip into the yummy tasty gravy.  My first try on this combination, but kids and hubby finished all of it.  A great day for a mummy like me who seldom enters the kitchen but only occasionally when I have the drive to cook on different combination that I can think off, lol.

Especially on Mother’s Day looking at everyone finishing the dishes including my newly invented vege mix combo, was a real achievement.  Will share on the vege combo mix soon, simple, healthy and kids whack all of it…woo hoo!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!



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