Goodbye Aunt

When I got home happily to see my kids after work, my dad looked different.  My mum looked at me awkwardly and I was thinking, there should not be anything wrong with the kids because they are happily running about and climbing all over me playing with me.  Then I told my kids that I needed a quick shower, have my dinner and tug them to bed.  As I walk away, my mum held me by my arm, “Gal, your eldest aunt….ummm…she passed away”  My aunt’s demise caught me by surprise as she was a strong woman but I was left out in the family news of the well-being.

My demised aunt is the my dad’s eldest sister and according to my dad she took care of him while he was young as my grandmother passed away while giving birth to their youngest sister.  My aunt was a tough cookie, at a young age she took care of 3 brothers and 2 sisters, after her mother’s demise.  She not only brought my father to be independent but she brought my dad up to be a very kind-hearted yet loving man, without the presence of their mother.  Honestly, my father is the only man I know that has no ego but gives endless support and love to his wife and 2 daughters.

Image result for aunt quoteDuring my childhood days, I remember my aunt and her husband will take my sister and I for weekend breakfast and sometimes will bring us on holidays.  Honestly, I am quite spoiled by her husband whatever I requested ie to ride on a van, her husband bought a van and ferry us around including my request of the superbike!  You may be wondering why are they so close to my sister and I.  They are a childless couple because my aunt is 12 years older than her husband and when they got married my aunt was unable to conceive, therefore they gave us all their love and attention.

My uncle decided to adopt a son when my aunt was in her 50s, it broke her heart, why…we realized that the adopted son looked like my uncle and my aunt till the day she left us still said that the child was adopted and was not my uncle’s son out of marital affair.  We, who are the close family felt her pain, when my uncle passed away 10 years ago due to diabetes, his mistress came and gave respect where she looked at her son at that time 13 years old and spoke to him and not everyone else.  That broke my aunt’s heart further and she still insisted that her adopted child was not a an extra marital affair child.  She gave him love and educated him however her adopted child, while he as 17 years old, robbed her money by withdrawing all her funds and left her in the Golden Age home.

How did she survive in the Golden Age Home?  No one knew her whereabouts as we couldn’t locate her adopted son and most of us are abroad and living in other states. Until one day, my youngest aunt saw my aunt sitting alone in a market, she quickly rushed to her sister and asked her what happen.  My aunt had contracted alzheimer’s disease and was unable to recall what happen to her and she recognizes my youngest aunt and held her tightly asking to go home.  We explained to her that her husband’s home is no longer existing as it was repossessed by the bank after she was moved out by her adopted son.  She cried and my youngest aunt took her into her home.  Her siblings collected funds, as most of the siblings are already in their 60s and 70s and unable to take care of her, they decided to place her under the care of the Golden Age Home.  This time we visited her frequently as we know that this is a better home for the aged and we know where she is.

She had forgotten what happened to her and she still thinks of her adopted son and yearned to see him, she kept telling us…this is what all her husband has, their adopted son.  She had forgotten that her husband’s passing.  Her health deteriorates and my 2nd aunt had to admit her into the hospital and till yesterday she passed on.  Her adopted son was no where to be found and we are unable to contact him.  She still missed him till the day she departs.

This blog is dedicated to my demised aunt who had showered me with love and care throughout my childhood.  May you live in peace now and reunite with uncle in heaven.  Please bless your adopted child to be safe and always under the care of all who love him, may he find light in his path of righteousness and conscience.

Until That Day

© Chris Belden

Published on September 2007

Until that day I’ll think of you,
the love we shared, the memories too.

Until that day I’ll think of you,
I’ll try so hard in all I do.

Until that day I’ll find out why,
you had to leave with no “goodbye”.

Until that day this is so,
your family misses you, more than you’ll know.

Until that day You’ll be with him,
your God, your Savior, and new best friend.

Until that day I see you there,
you’re in my heart, you’re everywhere.

Until that day.


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