Weekend Cooking

I guess these few weeks I am really into cooking home cooked food at home.  Usually I do not have the mood to cook and when I cook I can’t stop creating dishes.  This weekend I had 2 self-created dishes.  Let me share one now.

My children will always comment on my cooking, they will just inform me in a nice way that ‘Mummy not enough smell’, wonder what it means…lol.  I guess they wanted to inform me that it doesn’t taste well.  So I just decided to roast a chicken.  Usually kids love to eat chicken.

So I bought leek, ginger, carrots and honey.  Cleaned the chicken and had it roasted.  I stuffed the leek and ginger into the chicken and to add the sweetness, I put in an inch carrot cube.  On top of the chicken I put the same ingredients.  Then I poured honey and salt to taste and marinated it over night in the fridge.  Then I took it out the next day 10 mins before I cook in the oven, set the oven to 120º kept flipping it to have a good roast of it.  It will take approximately 45 mins to an hour to be ready for serving.

To my surprise it turned out great!  It not only is juicy and the meat is really soft and when I cut the chicken into pieces the kids coming to check me out lol.  I was afraid that it didn’t taste good so I had them taste it before dinner…lol…bad habit.  They came back for more until I have to settle them on the dining table having their dinner.

Hubby was saying the whole chicken was too much but I guess its just a nice portion for me to pack for lunch today.  Glad the family enjoyed it and will see what more to cook every weekend.

Creativity and mood must kick in 😉


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