Appreciate Life

I was walking back from lunch and crossing the road while the traffic light is red and the green man light up, a bus came high speed and not intending to stop.  I screamed and my colleagues were behind me stopped not knowing who screamed.  It is unfortunate fate for the 2 motorcyclists who saved my life.

The bus only stopped when he knocked the 2 motorcyclists down who were already stopped at the traffic light.  My colleagues were saying thankfully I stopped, the motorcyclists were knocked off their bikes.  Then the bus driver wants to drive away escaping from the scene, all passersby stopped the bus and the bus driver refused to get down from the bus, in return he yelled at the passersby angrily.

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From that moment, I just recalled, if I were to take the 2 steps I will be dead with that high speed bus and what would it then be for my children.  They will not be growing up with their mummy and I will not be able to give them my care and love.  Will they have a new mother or who will help daddy and be with daddy when daddy grows old.

These are social responsibilities, therefore we must be alert at all times not only crossing the road while the traffic light is red but in all aspects of life as well.  Appreciate what you have and take time to give back to others.

Take care and have a great week ahead!


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