How I Begin My Journey….

I am a very fickle minded woman as you read from my previous posts, I like venturing into different things and may give up on the way.  I joined this business more than 10 years plus ago and I decided to stop as I was travelling very heavily for my full-time job and it was a face to face approach where friends are afraid of me when I introduce them to my products and also my business.  Maybe I was desperate and my approach was wrong and I do not want to lose my friends therefore I gave it up.

I restarted this business last year, 2016, after I discovered that times had changed and we have social media and therefore we are able to do most things offline or scheduled it.  Everything is available online including training which means I can learn and earn at the same time even though I have a full time job.  Hey… I am in Information Technology (IT) industry…why didn’t I think for that earlier where the face to face approach can be reduced.  Therefore more time focused on business strategy.

As you know every business will somehow or rather requires a mentor or a business coach.  I was very lucky to have different coaches from different backgrounds – an architect who is into multi-level-marketing (MLM) or network marketing business (yeah these coaches are extremely pushy) too and author cum speaker for business owners.

Why do we need to so many coaches?  I need to learn about the business plus its products and I also need to learn how to maintain my momentum.  We need different coaches/mentors at different times so that we have a good sense of self-realization, trust me most MLM/network marketing leaders will not encourage you to have other coaches besides them (otherwise you will be out of their team), but based on my own experience as a full time working mum (FTWM) I need different coaches to ensure that I am focused and I have the right momentum to focus on my full time job and part-time business.

You may have a question in your mind?  Why do I want to focus in my career and my part time business, well the part time business is a long term bucket list that allows me to retire early or a continuous income when I retire.  Most importantly my children will be able to inherit the business that I have built, if the want to.

Why MLM/network marketing? Yes.. there are lot of scams as you can read on the newspaper and the internet.  I was cautious and did a lot of research before embarking into MLM/network marketing again, some uplines or leaders will require you to purchase expensive products.  Side track a bit, I knew someone from Australia was into network marketing where her upline requires her to purchase $6,000 worth of products after a short duration upon her signing up as a member.  Gosh…shocking!

What is the difference between MLM and Pyramid Scheme?  Pyramid Scheme is also a MLM where there are not product or services involved, this is purely based on recruiting.  However, in a legal MLM or Network Marketing business requires you to either sign up with a fee or free at times but in order to build the business legitimately you will need to sell the products and build your business through recruitment.

MLM or network marketing allows each individual to earn through commissions and it takes leadership, persistence and consistency to succeed.  I am into this stream of business is because of interest of skin and health care.  Additionally, its an extra income that could also help myself to improve my skin and health care plus others.

I am currently working on some training materials to help busy individuals who wants to earn part timely or having an ambition like myself to start a part time business before taking a big leap to become a full time entrepreneur.  These materials to be precise, easy to understand for busy individuals and get each of them up to speed to materialize their dreams!

Welcome to Nu Agility!

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