Bleeding Gums

I started using this product when I decided to start a part time business again.  In order to start a business I always believe that I need to try on its products.  Well of course I tried the cheapest to see how good it is and it is really affordable for all users.

Why am I convinced with this product:

  1. I have issues with my gums and I changed several types of toothbrushes and toothpaste, yet my gums bleed.  Then I started using AP24 and my bleeding gums issues are gone
  2. Although it states Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste, yes it does whiten my teeth but I realized that after brushing there is a polished layer protecting my teeth, you will notice it after brushing
  3. I am both a social smoker and coffee drinker, so my teeth will be yellow but not that badly yellow lol….the polished layer helps me reduces the yellow appearance plus giving me fresh long lasting, smooth, clean, fresh-mouth feeling
  4. Taste? Hard for me to describe as it tastes minty…don’t all toothpaste taste the same lol
  5. It is save for kids above 2 years old but I would not recommend if your kid has the habit of swallowing toothpastes while brushing their teeth.  My personal recommendation is above 4 years old when they know how to remove excess toothpaste from their mouth, I started my son on this when he was 4 years old.

Why is it called AP24 and not something more attractive or catchy?  AP24 stands for Anti-Plaque for 24 hours protection = AP24 and oh yeah I almost forget, it peroxide FREE.

The ultimate factor that convinces me to use this toothpaste is removing my nightmare visiting the dentist, I haven’t seen a dentist for more than 1.5 years are using this toothpaste and goodbye bleeding gums!


Hope you like my sharing and if you would like to know more you may check out on more products at\PSHealthBeauty

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