Are Supplements Important?

When I was young I am not a healthy child and I had many frequent stays in the hospital for more than 3 days.  I remember I asked my late grandmother, who often takes care of me when I am hospitalized, “Popo, why can’t I play outside like my schoolmates?” Popo is grandma in Cantonese and the hospital is diagonally opposite my elementary school.  She replied kindly because you are sick and therefore you cannot play like other children.  Due to my health my grandma resort to natural remedies to ensure that her grand-daughter is healthier and I learned the importance of natural ingredients in our supplements and house cleaning.  Funny but true for house cleaning lol…

Ok back to supplements and natural ingredients, to increase my health and immune system, my grandma bought unprocessed milk and boiled it every night for me to consume. If you cannot stand the smell you may throw up like my mum, but I love the taste of it without sugar and added flavors, honestly its hard to locate these suppliers now.  Its amazing how I grew up and I was so active in sports representing my state to compete together with my hubby as tennis mix doubles during my teens.  All thanks to my grandma who not only gave me natural milk but also home cooked food all the way.

Next, I have serious gastric problems too where doctors discovered that I had an ulcer in my stomach.  After going through many treatments I was extremely weak and my grandma again source natural food to improve my health.  I can’t really remember what she cooked as that was in the 1970s and 1980s.  There may be supplements then but due to my medical expenses, I burned many holes in my parents pockets.

I gained stronger as I grew up, I realized that do not have time to cook at home like my grandma. The rat race, stress, late nights and pressure deters my health occasionally.  Therefore I look for supplements to manage my health daily.  So what supplements are really suitable for me?  The answer I do not know but I do not each supplement has it function and how do I know if it works for me is when I felt the difference of the problems that I identify.

IMG_20170413_084333I started taking multi-vitamins to increase my health and immunity.  I found out that cigarette smokers might need to supplement their diet with vitamin C because this vitamin helps break down the harmful compounds found in cigarette smoke while alcoholics might need to increase their intake of the B-complex vitamins and vitamin C.  I smoke daily but I consume alcohol occasionally.  I should stop smoking seriously to be healthy, I know!

I consume these combination daily:


– addresses nutrient deficiencies
– contains cardiovascular benefits
– provides complete bone nutrition
– promotes healthy immune function
– maintains sugar level
– protects against the symptoms of aging

 Marine Omega

– provides excellent source of EPA and DHA for optimal health
– supports brain function and wellness
– promotes cardiovascular health
– promotes healthy immune response
– supports joint function and mobility
– promotes skin health and beauty

TeGreen 97

– provides antioxidants to defend against free radicals at cellular level
– supports healthy cell function and helps protect cell structures including DNA
– thermogenic effect increases body metabolic rate

Consuming these daily helps my physical body copes with stress, hectic schedules and pollution. How did I feel?

  1. I have sinus issues since young (yupe I am a very weak child), I had 2 surgeries because of my sinus, it came back after each surgery. LifePak helps me cope with my sinus.
  2. Marine Omega, it has a very fishy smell. My dislocated knee cap due to my excessive sports over time, pssst I do Muay Thai now too, gives me a lot of pain. Marine Omega + LifePak helps me with this and I can do Muay Thai frequently.
  3. TeGreen, well I have huge tummy after delivering 2 little ones and it helps me shrink it.  My personal testimonal combining TeGreen with another supplement helps me reduced my womb cyst size.  My gynecologist informed me that my huge tummy is due to my cyst.  I will tell you more soon in my next upcoming posts

LifePak and Marine Omega are basic supplements for health and immune system while TeGreen supplements antioxidant levels in my body.  Therefore I can eat and love what I do especially cooking and practicing Muay Thai.

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