Penang Trip

It was a great weekend last week spending a short trip with my family.  My son wanted to take a ride on a plane and we decided to go somewhere near so that he has things to chat with his schoolmates when school reopens.  Kids are kids and I love making them happy without spoiling them, lol.

Upon arrival we visited the Penang Hill, I had not visited this place more than 30 years and the train is so much faster, modern and child friendly.  Additionally there are much more things to do such as Love Garden for those who are on honeymoon can have their pictures taken in a nicely decorated garden, peak view, owl musuem, lock garden where you can purchase a lock and then take pictures declaring your vows to your loved ones, trekking, pictures with the 2 lovely parents or phyton and many many more.  I didn’t do most of it as my kids were to young and its tiring for them.

We stayed in Bayview Beach Resort which is an old beach resort, since my childhood days this resort maintained its ambiance with its signature lift that is really an amazing object for kids.  Pool had improved for kids, adults and Jacuzzi.  There’s a lot of motor sports plus horse riding.  I rode the horse with my daughter and it was fun and its something new for her.

Then we visited the butterfly farm, gosh its huge and we spent almost 3 hours with our kids.  You may hold the scorpions and take pictures with them plus insects education, cave tunnel with different habitats of animals, science tour of different insects with microscope, cinema of earthworms and many natural insects, animals etc.  Trust me, the kids will be filled with fun and educational tours.

There are 2 upside down places in Penang one is a museum and the other is an 8 month old house.  As we are staying in Batu Ferringhi, we opt for the upside down house.  Small one but we enjoyed it so much because I can see the kids faces, why are things upside down mummy…lol.  Great fun and you can enter at a cheap entrance fee and have the whole upside down house taking pictures to yourself.

Its pretty cool and not to name great food although I cannot taste most of my favorite food in Penang. Overall pretty visited most of the fun and child friendly places, there’s more and we look forward towards the next school holidays!

Come visit Penang there’s a lot of fun for different ages.

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