Penang Food Adventure

Who doesn’t love food … lol.  I love eating and thankfully I am still within my BMI range, phew.  Penang is a food heaven where you can enjoy different flavors from spicy to sour.  Of course Penang is famous for Assam Laksa, Cendol and Nasi Kandar.  Its unfortunate that I cannot taste these this time but I manage to taste others with nice ambiance too in Batu Ferringhi.

It was my hubby’s birthday and he loves crabs so I decided to treat him to a seafood restaurant, Golden Thai Restaurant in Batu Ferringhi.  My personal recommendation choose those fresh live seafood as they taste better after cooking compared to the non-live shrimps.  Its expensive but the crabs tastes awesome cooked with sweet and sour sauce. I also ordered steamed bun, in Cantonese its called ‘man tou’, deep inside the gravy of the crab, it taste better with rice.

Another good seafood restaurant near Batu Ferringhi is End Of The World located next to the Teluk Awak roundabout.  Good for their ‘lala’ local word for clams in soup.  Tasty and we have little crabs in our soup too, maybe they hid inside the clams.


We met up with a friend and he introduced us to Beach Corner Seafood which is hidden among the traders on the road and some huge restaurants, if you are driving you may miss the turn.  Their special appetizer is the local fried popiah.  Its very delicious with cabbage in it which is quite unique with the normal popiah. Popiah is a local delicacy that has a wrap with fillings inside it.

On top of good food you may enjoy the sunset too while waiting for your food, you may need to be there earlier as this restaurant is extremely busy and we waited for our food for more than an hour.  However, its always alright to wait for delicious yummy food and good company.

There are more good food in Penang however we could not have enough time to taste all of it but you must not miss the kuey teow th’ng (duck soup noodle), asam laksa (spicy and sour noodle), nasi kandar (local Indian Muslim cuisine) and the cendol ( red beans, glutinous rice, grass jelly, creamed corn) dessert.

Penang had changed since I last visited more than 15 years ago, they have more fun filled activities for both adults and kids plus most restaurants are already child friendly.   As a Malaysian, its a good recommendation for short holiday and for visitors I must its good for sight seeing and food!

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