Painless Health Screening

Painless? This is my doubt when I tried this scanner a year ago.  I am wondering how can it be, whenever I go for my medical check up annually I need to go through fasting, needles to withdraw my blood plus x-ray.  Well to be honest, annual medical check up is still recommended but I took the challenge in regular health screening just to see if I am healthy, yeah I can be a freak when it comes to health especially when age is catching up above 40.

I was invited to a health scan from a friend of mine who I know through Facebook, she had been sharing quite a lot of health and beauty tips.  It creates curiosity and therefore I PM-ed her.  She invited me to a health scan which is the machine above which is painless.  You just need to place your palm on the scanner and in about 2 minutes health profile results is out.  Its really amazing that this machine is so accurate that it pins me down with my irregular supplement intake, my lifestyle that I am a smoker and at that time I was really stressed out at work.  Best is that this machine detects that I do not consume a lot of fiber ie vegetables, gosh…I was convinced when I saw my own results.

After which I was consulted based on my results and I was recommended to start on a basic multi-vitamin and immune system supplement.  Again…irregular intake of the supplements but even though I can feel that I am more energetic and trust me if you know your body well, you can feel the difference.

The picture on the left is a year ago and the picture on the right was taken a week ago.  Can you spot the difference?  My dull complexion had brighten up, besides my hairstyle (hair straitening), I do not look tired as I was before even though I have the same work load or more due to office politics.

The picture convinced me that the supplements that I took is really making me look and feel good.  Of course after being introduced to the supplements, being a woman, I explored some beauty products plus additional supplements that helped me improve my health.  Rewind a bit, when I was a child, I was not a healthy child and I am a frequent hospital patient.  I had fits and my cough is the longest living pest in me.  I coughed for years and that evolved into pneumonia.  Hospital again…sigh.

Due to my health history, I am really into health products.  So what is this scanner?  Its the S3 scanner by Pharmanex that measures carotenoid levels in living tissue, providing an immediate indication of a person’s overall antioxidant levels.  As you can see from my results, smoker will always have lower antioxidant levels.  What was I recommended and what did I do? So I took the LifePak challenge, my apologies as I forgotten to snap shot my results but from the picture above, you can already see my results from my pictures 🙂

Besides LifePak, I started my son on G3 Juice due to his weak health, G3 is good to consume by both for toddlers and adults as this is a fruit juice drink made from Gâc “Super Fruit” with 3 additional super fruits-Chinese Lycium, Siberian Pineapple, and Cili fruit.  This is easily consumed by toddlers and my little gal will always stand near the fridge, “Mummy, juice pleeaasse”


Son’s health improved a lot besides putting him on healthy diet, this also helps both my children in their diet.  They consumed more food intake and you can see them really healthy with lesser common cold and cough.  This is not the only reason why I started my children on G3, they were hospitalized last year for pneumonia, gosh I am really unsure where they contracted this and upon discharge, I started them on this for speedy recovery.  Indeed, I made the right move!

Just going through my facebook today, 11th  June look what I found. 

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