Nu Agility Fun

I love to have fun as a mummy, at work and in my part time business.  I just had an idea of creating some fun posts in  The fun part is that it contains several categories:

  • Beauty
  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Fear factor

I posted some pictures today that I fear heights but not depths as I love diving.  Riding the horse during my Penang holiday trip is really scary and to a certain extend its fun.  There are some ideas in each category and I hope to receive some comments on what else to include to create fun on these categories.


Combination of natural ingredients ie real fruits, vegetables etc for natural skin care plus some products that been using previously.  Hmmm what about some silly funny posts of me using some products.


20160427_223758Being a mummy I tried ensuring that I have enough sleep, fitness workout plus family fun time.  Sharing with those in my group of the importance of fitness and how to cope as an agile mum.


Keeping my body fit also must keep it healthy.  So what do I do, I will post food…oopsss..I love unhealthy food coz they are absolutely yummy.  Plus I will share the goodness of supplements that I am taking.  Hey I am above 40 and its really time to keep my health at good ratings 😉

Fear Factor

Ah hah..check my posts in and get to know my fear lol.  Try to make it as fun as possible and sometimes which mummy doesn’t overcome fear of tiny creatures to show that she is ‘macho’ in front of her kids lol.

Hope to hear some fun ideas from you and do drop by too!

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