Growing up is really fun and enjoyable and when our kids enter school it will be another fun filled adventure for me as a mum.  My son will be entering primary school next year and I had enrolled him early this year to secure a place for him.  The school requires him to sit for an assessment, gosh…I panicked.  Why assessment for a young child below 7 years old?  So I asked what will he be assessment, the reply I received is his behavior.

Behavior…hmmm…too general, am I right?  As a mum with first time child entering school, I did a lot of research what will be he assessed on.  So I revised his kindergarten work to ensure he can recognize characters to be able to read, write and interact with other kids.  Most importantly, he needs to know how to seek permission to visit the toilet.

So Wednesday was his assessment, I was really nervous.  Firstly, he refuses to go to the school to have his assessment.  So I had to remind him that he liked the school previously with a swimming pool, drama class and music class.  Then he recalled and nodded in agreement to go to school.  When we arrived we brought him to the cafeteria, he saw the football field and asked if he could join the other boys.

IMG_20170607_100904My reply is hang on first, you need to attend your assessment, so there he sat looking at the other boys playing football.  My hubby brought him to walkabout the school to have him relax as he was quite nervous not knowing what is happening around him.

We return to the administration office, the school administrator arrived and asked the kids to stand in a line.  My son refuses and I panicked once again as parents are not allowed to stand near them.  My hubby held his hand and stood next to him and cheekily smiled at the administrator.

IMG_20170607_102738He accompanied my son to the class to be assessed.  My son was a bit teary when he arrives the class, thankfully the principle saw him and was friendly asking him to assist her to hold a box of pencils.  He reluctantly took it and stayed in the class.

45 mins passed, my hubby and I were anxious and kept telling each other, he should be fine, and we hoped he didn’t cause a commotion in the class, if he cried.  Then we saw a group of children walking down laughing happily and I saw my son making friends and chatting happily with a new found friend.  When he saw the cafeteria, he was searching for us.  Once the school administrator said “please return to your parents”, he came to us happily and told us what he did in class like drawing and writing his own name having it stick on his shirt…my heart melted with love and joy.

The school administrator informed us with regards to the school acceptance criteria and notified all parents to return home.  Once the child passes the assessment, an offer letter will be issued in July.  Let’s hope this all goes well and I have the confidence in my son as he looked very happy with the school and his new found friends.

I may need tips in my next few months blog on getting a child used to a new school environment.  Do drop by.


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