Kids Simple Lunch

Had a look at my fridge this morning oh dear haven’t been doing grocery shopping and left with spinach and Broccoli.  As for meat hmm only left with bacon 😅Limited resources so decided to be creative let’s make spinach and bacon for kids’ lunch. 

1. Diced spinach and bacon 

2. Took fat out from the bacon and decided to cook it to have oil for the dish

3. Once the oil is ready discard the fat and put garlic to fry followed by bacon. 

Then put spinach, stir fry till almost cook. 

4. Put some water to simmer, kids love gravy so I added more. Once done it’s ready to serve. 

It may not look tasty but my kids love it.  Oh yes I didn’t add salt as the bacon is already salty. 

Something quick with limited resources for kids meal.  Woo hoo 😁

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