Working @ Home

Woman who are working to climb career ladders plus juggling house work and kids at home, don’t you ever feel tired? Well I do, I do not have work time flexibility or the option to work from home. The only time that I can work from home is weekends for my own part time business and extra office work. 

Of late, my company is going through restructuring affecting many employees of different levels. Due to organisation restructuring,  affected employees were impacted by retrenchment and therefore some employees will have to take up additional responsibility of those retrenched.  At this moment I am thankful that I still have my job and at the same time building up Nu Agility and selling products via PS Health & Beauty,

This week I am enjoying a long weekend at the same time I need to work on a project plan; the project manager left and my  in boss wasn’t confident with the new project manager capability; I was kind off forced to this up even though this project belongs to another department.   I know, it should be her supervisor issue and why need me since that team does not report to me.  Well it’s not the first time I am assigned to mess that the other head of department had created, for the organisation’s sake I became the special task force.  Enough of whining, still unhappy thinking still blessed with a job.  

I had been working at home since Saturday till today, I was upset and angry due to their irresponsible attitude but when I was working at home, I discovered joy. 

I can read the documents plus improve the project plan with my kids although it does affect me on the time line, I discovered joy that I can work at the same time.  I can also exercise with them. Warm up easily operated the bed with them stretching 😁

I thought them Muay Thai warm up and then sparring 😍💪

It keeps me busy, tired and fit.  The anger of the irresponsible head of department had subsided.  I am enjoying it as I can work in any attire at home and at the same time go out with any attire.  Additionally,  I manage to deliver goods to my clients on Saturday in my home wear too. 

After this weekend I realised that it’s more of happiness and joy that I am working towards my dream on Nu Agility, need to go through the political phase now in the office.  However,  thinking journey of Nu Agility will materialise my persistence, perseverance, consistency and patience to work towards my dream to work at home enjoying these moments got boosted 💪

Ups and downs will only make us stronger towards our dreams, don’t you think? 

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