Microdermabrasion @ Home

Have you tried microdermabrasion?  I had a couple and I visited the saloon to have this done.  How do I feel after that?  My skin is dry, tight and painful.

I did that last Saturday with a new found product that is made of pumpkin enzymes and Bentonite clay, named Polishing Peel.  How I feel?  Painless, moisturised skin and lifted.

  1. I applied Polishing Peel equally onto my face, best to put an Enhancer to better results
  2. Wait till its almost dry and start polishing your face.  If you want a real like feeling of microdermabrasion, use Exfoliant Scrub on top of Polishing Peel to remove dirt, dead cells and resurface your skin.  **Without Exfoliant Scrub is also alright as some of our skin are sensitive
  3. There you go on the picture on the right.

No pain and the results is awesome as the product contain natural ingredients to help my skin.  Most importantly when I touch it, I do not feel uneven anymore.  If would like to know more visit tiny.cc/PSHealthBeauty


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