Healthy Kids Food

My colleague was sharing with me his childhood food and there is one unforgettable dish that his late grandma cooked for him which is a simple food made of mince meat, egg and onions.  He was so happy that he finally succeeded that his cooking taste similar to his late grandma.  I asked him to share the recipe.  So here goes….

  1. One small bowl of mince meat preferably pork.
  2. Marinate it with salt to taste, soya sauce and pepper to taste
  3. One small bowl of small diced onion (it taste better) equivalent to mince meat portion
  4. One bowl of egg equivalent to portion of mince meat, egg must be beaten


5. Heat the wok with oil and then pour diced onion, stir fry till golden brown and fragrant.


6.  Pour mince meat into the wok and fry till golden brown.  Make sure that both onion and mince meat are mixed evenly.


7. When it evenly mixed lastly pour egg into the wok with mince meat and onion


8. Mixed the egg, onion and mince pork evenly in the work.  The best results achieved it like the egg wraps/melted into the mince meat giving it a golden yellow color.

Adults may not like it but my kids kept asking for more! Give it a try and this is originated from a Hakka clan grandma 🙂




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