Spinach Chicken Pasta

Cooking is always an interest and also it depends on the available ingredients at home when tummy is growling.  I checked my fridge and found spinach and chicken fillet.  Thinking to myself, Chinese cooking again…nah…let’s try Western again lol.  Digging further I found Prego pasta sauce and multi-purpose batter flour.  Great! Pasta time.

I usually clean meat with vinegar and corn flour before marinating them.  I do not like the distasteful meaty smell…you know what I mean.

IMG_20170627_161900Usually we will dip the chicken fillet into whisked egg but I took a different method to try it out.  Took out 2 eggs for an approximately small plate of chicken fillet as shown in the picture.  Whisk the eggs, when it turns golden yellow, slowly add batter flour and whisked it.  If you notice that lumps are forming in the egg mixture, that should be the time to stop adding batter flour.

IMG_20170627_162535Then pour them onto the cleaned chicken fillet.  Let it marinate approximately 10 mins.

IMG_20170627_163246Meantime, washed spinach and cut them up thinly.  It should be around half a centimeter.  Do take 2-3 small onion and 2 garlic cloves and cut it evenly either before or after cutting the spinach.

IMG_20170627_170525Let’s start cooking! Put on medium fire and place marinated chicken fillet to fry.  Pick it up once it turns golden brown.

While frying you may heat up another pot to boil macaroni, spaghetti or any pasta of your choice.  Remember to run through cold water after pasta softens.  This is to maintain the texture of the pasta.

After completing both pasta and chicken semi-finished product, add some oil and add onion and garlic mixture, stir fry until golden brown.   Once golden brown, add spinach and stir fry.  Add Prego pasta sauce once spinach softens and mix evenly.  Lastly, add pasta and mix.  You may add a little bit of water in order not to have too thick gravy.  Wait till it boil and place pasta, pasta is ready to be served.

IMG_20170627_174457For kids, I diced fried fillet chicken to give it a little attraction while for adults I place chicken fillet on top of the pasta.

Hope you like my little sharing.  Happy cooking!

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