Kids cough discovery

My son was coughing for 2 weeks and the cough just wouldn’t go away despite having his medication.  Then I decided to stop his medication and let him heal naturally, being a mother I just can’t stand seeing him suffer.  Therefore I decided to give him a few drops of Marine Omega with Krill Oil.

IMG_20170625_090819If you can see the orange stuff right in the middle of the oil that is krill oil.  I gave this to my son and in 2 days his cough healed.  So is this safe to be consumed by a child? My answer is yes as I gave it to both my kids aged 3 and 5.

IMG_20170626_093012I made a hole in the capsule containing  200 mg of Neptune Krill Oil, containing EPA, DHA, and phospholipids.  MarineOmega also provides 4000 mg of marine lipid concentrate, which contains 600 mg EPA, 400 mg DHA, and 200 mg other omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, 20 IU natural vitamin E in the
form of mixed tocopherols is added as an antioxidant, and lemon and vanilla are used to impart a pleasant odor.  Trust me this is really fishy, you may have after taste and my kids said YUCK whenever they consume it.


For adults, you may consume 1-2 capsules daily for optimum health, stronger immunity system plus better looking skin.  Personally, I consume this daily due to work stress and healthier looking skin.

Image result

I used to have scales at my tibia surface due to dry skin.  Despite different skin care products I apply on my leg, the dryness and scale looking leg still exist making my leg looked super shiny.  After 1 year consuming marine omega, I am happy to say that my leg looks normal.  Dry skin still exists but not the scales and therefore the surface does not shine.  Do you know that it looks so bad if I scratch it, a clear white line or multiple white lines will be so visible…gosh its so embarrassing.

IMG_20170603_091209Check out no more scales yay!  You may wonder if I still uses skin care products on my legs, yes I do.  I learned that a healthy me is from inside out 🙂

Check out PS Health and Beauty Facebook for more product information and testimonials.

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