Working In Japan

I was tidying up my photos in my hard drive and I noticed that I took quite a lot of pictures while I was working in Japan back in 2009.  I was an IT project manager back then and I do really enjoy working in different countries.  I was given 2 project choices to manage 1) Japan and 2) Korea.  I know…difficult to choose right as these 2 are really beautiful countries with rich culture and not to forget food, lol

So I decided to choose Japan.  Chose my project team members and arranged all the logistics and woo hoo…off to Japan.  I was very nervous as I always have the impression that women in Japan only stays at home, but I was wrong.  I met so many women who has strong character and well they contribute to the work force too.  I learned that Japanese are very hardworking people, besides working they are very friendly despite language barrier the hospitality that they showed us during our 1 year stay in Japan was extremely warm.

I was staying in Yokohama when I was working in Atsugi and I also worked in Sapporo, Hokkaido.  There were 2 project sites and it was really good experience as well during the winter.  I mean extreme winter.  Firstly, let’s talk about food.

Check it out so many varieties and many more which I am unable to load from raw to cooked food.  My Japanese colleagues even thought me how to make egg porridge after our savoring our steamboat, shabu in Japanese, correct me if I am wrong…can’t recall the word.  This is an eye opening lesson for me as I do not have this in Malaysia.  I have the shabu but do not have the exposure cooking congee or porridge after consuming it.

Oh yes…Disneyland?  Yeah I visited Disneyland too.  It was fun and recommended visit if you are in Japan.

Then Hokkaido, wow its really freezing and its a must visit to their winter festival.  I can hardly feel my toes but it was worth a life time visit.

Otaru is another interesting place.  I visited Mt. Tenguyama where the famous goblin is located.  Hike to a certain height you will see the goblin statue, touch the nose…locals said will bring good luck.

Oh yes…you must not miss the Tsukiji market.  A very interesting place with different kind of live seafood and frozen ones too.  You may be lucky to experience tuna auction too!

Working abroad is fun learning different cultures, languages plus travelling at the same time.  I was missing home at that time but the exposure and experience that I gain was priceless!

Will post more of my adventures in different countries that I worked in, stay tuned.

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