Nu Agility

I shared earlier on MLM and does it work for Full Time Working Mums (FTWM)?  I am not sure as my energy and enthusiasm kicks in, on and off.  I was influenced by University of Liverpool invited speaker Willem Gous who ran through a 3 week webinar series that shares about Life Design.

What does Life Design speak about?  Its helps me discover what I want to achieve in life and how do I achieve it.  I gave up something I like to do 10 years ago ie to have my own business and I tried it again last year.  Willem had personal chats with me through LinkedIn and he had me moving, although we chat lesser nowadays.

So I had decided to embark on this business sharing Health & Beauty tips, products and testimonials in my blog.  I will also share how this journey which helped not only me financially, my health and helping others improve their dreams, health and beauty.  I had also created a business group in Facebook, do visit, your comments are welcome.

My next goal is to train a team of working mummies or non-mummies to help them fulfill their dreams not only to spend time at home with their little ones but also to have the flexibility to work from home and anytime that they desire.

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